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John Cena Fan Site

April 12, 2010 by
John Cena Fan Site

Welcome to the unofficial fansite of Jonh Cena!

The SmackDown!’s current WWE Champion.
John Cena WWE Wrestler

One of the better known wrestlers in his occupation, John Cena is a very successful WWE performer who has also used his talents to be a champion repeatedly. Aside for his excellence in wrestling, however, Cena is also successful in other fields and in life in general.

Before he became the star of the wrestling world he is today, John Cena was a terrific center for his college university. He played college football throughout his time on campus, while also maintaining his mindset of becoming a professional bodybuilder. Despite devoting time to all of those activities, Cena still found time to study enough to graduate with a degree in physiology.

Clear all along, however, was Cena’s future in wrestling. At the very beginning of his career he was often pitted as the underdog and found himself on the losing end of many matches. By starting to rap rants about other wrestler’s shortcomings, however, he was soon able to gain himself a fan base and popularity. His rapping would come in handy a couple years later when he released his first album with his cousin featuring original hip hop beats and raps.

In the year 2004, John Cena became really recognizable as he was able to win the US Championship on three different occasions, three short stints in which he lost the belt quickly. He also was able to film a movie, The Marine, during this year and had a very successful 2004.

The following month, John Cena finally became the WWE Champion by defeating JBL in a wrestling match. Although he was awarded the customary WWE Championship Belt, Cena chose to have his own belt built for the occasion. JBL managed to steal the actual Championship Belt in the process and forced a rematch out of Cena. This rematch would soon prove to be a bad idea for JBL, as Cena not only defended his title but also hit JBL with an exhaust pipe!

The following year John Cena faced a change of scenery as he was drafted into the RAW league. After immediately forming rivalries with two wrestlers in RAW, Cena showed his dominance by defeating both of his rivals twice throughout the year in various matches. There were also many, many attempts to overthrow Cena’s reign as the Champion, but all of them ultimately failed as Cena retained his belt throughout the year. He would finally lose his championship belt in early 2006 to Edge, after defending it for 280 straight days! He would regain the title in only three weeks, and he still has it today.

John Cena is the current WWE champion, as mentioned before, and is a symbol for the excellence in the wrestling leagues today. When legend Eddie Guerrero passed away, he paid tribute to the fallen champion after a match by laying his championship belt on a shirt of Eddie’s. He is clearly one of the classiest, most talent wrestlers in the business, and it is very hard to imagine that changing anytime soon the way he is going currently!

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