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John Cena Inside The Ring

April 2, 2010 by

WWE John Cena – Inside the Ring


Cena’s ring attire in and out of the ring reflects the hip hop subculture that his character represents. He often wears throwback sports jerseys. During his time as heel, he would wear jerseys of a rival team of the city he was wrestling in. As a good guy, he would wear jerseys of one of the city’s home teams. Cena has also made use of the retro WWF logo, but without the F, adopting it as his “Word Life” symbol. He has also worn a chain with a lock on it to the ring and would sometimes use the chain as a weapon, as would his opponents on some occasions.

Cena’s apparel with the suggestive phrase “Ruck Fules” on it is censored on SmackDown! when he wears it on-camera.

Signature and finishing maneuvers


Five-Knuckle Shuffle

Throwback (flip over facebuster)



Fisherman Suplex

Sidewalk Slam

Sitout Hiptoss

Flying Shoulderblock


Trademark quotes

“Word Life!”

“You can’t see me!”

“The champ is here!”

“… If you want some , come get some!”

“Chain Gang is in The House!”

“Because this .. is what .. we do!”

“There are those who talk about it, and then there are those who be about it!”

Championships and accomplishments

1-Time WWE Champion

3-Time WWE United States Champion

1-Time OVW Champion

1-Time OVW Southern Tag Team Champion (w/ Rico Constantino)

1-Time UPW Champion

2003 Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Most Improved Wrestler

2004 PWI Most Popular Wrestler

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