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John Cena Outside of the Ring


Cena has cut a series of rap music tracks. His fifth WWE entrance song, “Basic Thugonomics” was featured on the WWE soundtrack album WWE Originals. His track “Untouchables” was featured on Theme Addict, another WWE soundtrack album. His debut album You Can’t See Me is scheduled for release in May 2005. The album features his current entrance theme “The Time is Now” and the followings themes:

Song Title

Time Is Now, The

Don’t F*ck With Us

Flow Easy

Right Now

Make It Loud

Just Another Day

Summer Flings

Keep Frontin

We Didn’t Want You To Know

Bad, Bad Man

Running Game


This Is How We Roll

Know The Rep

What Now

Chain Gang Is The Click

If It All Ended Tomorrow

John Cena’s first major film role will be in the 2005 film The Marine, to be produced by WWE Films. WWE used the “nightclub stabbing” as kayfabe for his absence from WWE television.

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